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Virtual Children’s Hospital for Learning Pediatric Nursing is an Erasmus+ project, co-funded by the European Union. The project aims to develop innovative learning and teaching practices, by utilising virtual reality and virtual simulation as part of teaching. The project aims to strengthen the competence of nursing students, by expanding their knowledge and developing practical skills needed in nursing care of children. The result of the project will be a Virtual Children’s Hospital, as an interactive virtual reality learning environment (VRLE), where students and teachers can simultaneously participate in working together or separately, regardless of their location.  

The Virtual Children’s Hospital for Learning Pediatric Nursing project enables the development of digital skills and capabilities through immersive and innovative learning methods. The project also amplifies international interaction and enhances communication skills by offering teachers and students of the partner universities, cooperation opportunities, such as joint seminars, in a virtual environment. 

Objectives and Results

  • To develop an interactive virtual reality learning environment, a virtual children’s hospital in Turku UAS Metaverse​
  • To develop new and innovative learning and teaching methods and practices such as virtual simulations.​
  • To promote the international collaboration of students through joint workshops and seminars. ​
  • To pilot the learning environment and collect feedback​.
  • To disseminate the project results efficiently nationally and internationally.​


The Virtual Children’s Hospital Target Group

Nursing Students

  • Basic studies of Pediatric Nursing
  • Advance studies of Pediatric Nursing


Students acts avatars in simulations and joint seminars with international students. Other methods include e.g. independent studying, videos, tests


  • Module 1: Child as a patient​
  • Module 2: Neonatal care​
  • Module 3: Children’s medication administration​
  • Module 4: Respiratory diseases and treatment